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Julia from Bedford, UK

Mt. Ruwenzori trekking! When i was looking for adventure tour i was looking at easy adventure activities, when i inquired with StarMount Safaris they suggested the ...

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StarMount safaris believe in saving our clients time spent on going through vast amounts of information before making a decision. We assist travelers make informed and faster decision by offering expert knowledge of all our tours in the shortest time possible. We are well equipped to address all issues on the ground that may be […]

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“When I think of my experience traveling with StarMount Safaris, I am reminded of the trip I took to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park. I remember getting to the park just before daybreak. I was standing on a hillside when the sun started to pierce a group of pregnant clouds. The horizon turned fire orange […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it  Safe to travel in Uganda? Uganda is generally a very safe country and its inhabitants are considered among the friendliest and most welcoming people in East Africa. Feel free to meet and talk to them, as they will be most honored. Kampala the capital is safe, but like in any foreign city you […]

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