“When I think of my experience traveling with StarMount Safaris, I am reminded of the trip I took to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park. I remember getting to the park just before daybreak. I was standing on a hillside when the sun started to pierce a group of pregnant clouds. The horizon turned fire orange as rays of light streamed through and bounced off the shimmering waters of Lake George in a valley framed equally on all sides by hills touching the sky and low-lying savannah.

I snapped a picture of the scene on my phone and texted it to a friend back in America — and instantaneously felt guilty for not just standing there and living in the moment, bathing in the wonder of Uganda. In the far reaches of western Uganda, where it borders the Democratic Republic of Congo, I saw wild game, birds, beasts and reptiles. The vast game reserve was named after Queen Elizabeth II, following a visit in 1954.

But more than the animals, it was the scenery that stirred deep feelings in me — the endless rolling green fields, cloud-topped mountain ranges, dramatic cliffs, swamps and forests, seamlessly melding into rivers, crater lakes and tributaries that comprise the River Nile watershed. I could see why a young Winston Churchill, after a journey through Africa, famously dubbed Uganda “the pearl of Africa.”

As I reflect on that moment, I realize that all of that experience was especially curated by the folks at StarMount Safari. They are exceptionally knowledgeable about the not only the countryside in Uganda, but also how to travel. The staff is adept at planning trips, drawing up all the crucial details of a trip—no detail is too small to ignore— to make sure that you have an awesome experience.

The communications by StarMount Safaris was excellent. The service was exceptional and my experience with them absolutely exceeded my expectations. I would recommend StarMount Safaris to anyone interested in traveling and seeing Uganda and East Africa.” – Karamagi Rujumba – USA

“StarMount Safaris might be a small team of safari professionals, but the level of professionalism and expertise they showed us before and during our 5 day safaris in Uganda was exceptional. We enjoyed planning our safari with them as they responded on time with all the necessary information. They took us around Kampala to experience the night life, which we loved as this was not part of our tour. I’m looking forward to booking with them next time for my Gorilla trekking. StarMount Safaris is by far my favorite Safari agent.” – Anika Jansen – Netherlands