Karamojong Cultural Encounters

Karamojong Cultural Encounters

The cattle-herding Karamojong occupy Northeastern Uganda, in an area covering one-tenth of the country.

You will discover the unique culture of this remote tribe with the Lorukul Cultural Group. The group is located just outside Kidepo Valley National Park.

Their main livelihood is herding livestock. The guide will explain to you the social and cultural importance as you walk to the traditional Karamojong manyattas (homesteads), granaries and cattle enclosures.

You will learn how the villagers make their distinctive beads,and sample the local cuisine. You will also meet the Karamojong King. He will narrate the tribe’s folklore and beliefs.

The fee for this tour has contributed to the construction of a clinic and the training of midwives. These are essential facilities in this isolated region.

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