The Mighty Sipi Falls – Eastern Uganda

The Mighty Sipi Falls – Eastern Uganda

Sipi Falls, located in Kapchorwa, just outside Mt Elgon National Park in Uganda, undoubtedly defines the attraction of Eastern Uganda. If you haven’t been to Sipi Falls, it conjures. It invites, lures, snares and draws you in. Sipi Falls is  a popular destination for tourist.

It also gives​ you a soul and a fix that, implodes in you and sends you into a frenzy of wanting to tell all. They say, “To travel is to live!” And who are we to disagree with whomever came up with that line of thought?

The trek to the top of the falls; We were feeling energetic at this point as we were excited to actually get to the top of the falls. As we trekked, we had the opportunity to meet the locals (that probably dont understand what we were fussing about). They educated us on a couple things like; their culture, way of life and past experiences having lived there for a long time. while trekking as we got hire, the scenic views were amazing! At some angles you able to see Mount Elgon covered in the morning mist, really beautiful!

Finally at the top of the Falls, this is at 100ft high. Was super excited that i had made it all the way up. Majority of us were not or we did not physically fit to trek up 100ft but we did! Our next activity, abseiling 100 ft down the mighty Sipi Falls! For me the Adrenalin junkie, i could not wait to get suited! It seems scary as you start the abseiling, however, when you start abseiling you realise how fun it actually is to abseil! Abseiling is safe!

As you stand at the bottom looking up, you realise how exciting, challenging and fun it was. Sipi Falls is a must visit. #starmountsafaris#funmemorableexperiences

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