Reasons You Should have Great Zimbabwe on Your Bucket List

Reasons You Should have Great Zimbabwe on Your Bucket List

Reasons you should visit Great Zimbabwe

Have you never visited Zimbabwe? It posses one of the Seven Wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls. It’s a must go to destination. Amazing Wildlife.

If you haven’t, could it be because when you Google or hear about Zimbabwe chances are that you read, hear more about its negatives and less of its positives?

The highlighted problems are usually more political and economic problems. This kills all the interest one may have to visit Zimbabwe.  It’s off-putting to want to go to a destination that you believe is not safe, especially when you know no one there to say to you, look, it’s really safe, nothing to worry about.

Well, here’s the good news, Zimbabwe is a very safe and secure country. The people are friendly, highly educated, very welcoming and that’s beside the amazing attractions that the country poses.

With the right information and guidelines about what you can do and what you can see in Zimbabwe, you will easily add this country to your bucket list.

Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Zimbabwe.

The Victoria Falls – Victoria Falls is among the Seven Wonders of the World. The falls are about 1.7km wide and this provides travellers with a chance to walk the whole length through the rainforest while taking in every part of the falls. It’s during the dry season that you’re able to see the Falls outline, it’s at this time that you can really appreciate the Victoria Falls. However, during the Wet Season, the water gushing from the falls creating a thick fog that you’re unable to see the outline of the falls.

The other way of viewing the fall is by taking a 13 minutes helicopter ride above the falls. It’s one of the best ways to see the falls! While in the helicopter, you will be able to get an Arial view of the spectacular falls, a chance a lucky few get to experience.

Zimbabwe has the best frontage of the falls and the best view of the deepest channels running along its side. While the Zambian side of the falls is dried up during the dry season, the Zimbabwean side of the falls will still be gashing.

There are a variety of other activities that one can take part in while at Victoria Falls; The Lion encounter, this is an active conservation program that is passionate about ensuring a secure future for the African lion. This is ideal for travellers passionate about the cause or travellers that have never had close encounters with a lion. At the lion encounter, they let you take walks with the lions, feed them, watch them play, take pictures with them and also stroke them gently. And you would still live!

For the more courageous, the bungee jump off the Victoria Falls is a must do, it’s the second highest jump in the world. There’s also Zip lining, canoeing, kayaking and many more other activities.

The Hwange National Park – This National Par particularly gives you a reason why you should do a game drive while in Zimbabwe! It’s a popular park for animal lovers. At 5,657 square miles, its home to a wide range of wildlife like; Elephants, Buffalos, Zebras, Giraffes, Baboons, Impalas, warthogs and wildebeests. As if the abundance of wildlife in Hwange isn’t enough of a reason to visit, there are almost 400 different species of birds that can be found in the National Park – making it a birders paradise! Hwange National park is easily one of the highlights when visiting Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabweans – Around one in five Zimbabweans (the Ndebele and Kalanga groups) speak Northern Ndebele, commonly known as Sindebele. Both Shona and Sindebele are Bantu languages originating from the time when Bantu-speaking tribes populated the region over 1000 years ago. Other ethnic groups in the southeast, representing around one per cent of the population each, are Tonga in the Zambezi Valley, the Shangaan or Hlengwe in the Low Veld, and the Venda on the border with South Africa.

The Zimbabwean people are highly educated and speak fluent English. It would be very difficult for any traveller to find someone that cannot speak English in Zimbabwe.

That’s not the only interesting thing about the Zimbabweans though; the most interesting thing is their Names! Many of them are named after their parent’s struggles, triumphs or circumstances around the time they were born. While traversing the country you will come across Zimbabweans with names like; Moreblessing, Praise, Given, Whatmore, Stubborn, Beauty, Trust, Onward, Lovemore, Trymore, the list goes on.

The Big Tree (Baobab) – The big tree is one of the largest trees in southern Africa and the tallest native tree in Zimbabwe. Its height is about 65 m and has a trunk diameter of about 4.5 m at the base. Situated at the southern part of the 950 ha Chirinda Forest Botanical Reserve at a place called the Valley of Giants, The big tree is estimated to be more than 1,000 years old (some estimate 2,000 years). The big tree is facing challenges of re-growth after its tip was once struck by lightning. Also, travellers would put inscriptions of their names on its trunk posing so much danger on its bark development. A visit to the Big Tree is highly recommended!

General Security – Zimbabwe is a very secure country. Other than the regular roadblocks on the highway that seems intimidating, you feel safe the entire time while in the country, it doesn’t matter what part of Zimbabwe you in. The protest may happen in the city of Harare but it never gets out of hand. The security is pretty much the same as in other countries.

Just like in any other country, travellers are urged to take extreme precaution while travelling. And take safety measures to ensure they don’t fall victim to petty crimes.

Zimbabwe has a lot more to offer! With just these five reasons, you’re set to go on a big discovery of Zimbabwe. And do you know what the best part is, you will want to discover more about Zimbabwe and there’s much more to see and experience while in Zimbabwe.

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