Sabei Cultural Encounters in Eastern Uganda

Sabei Cultural Encounters in Eastern Uganda

The Sebei are an ethnic group of Uganda and Sudan.

They speak Sebei and Kupsabiny.

Many members of this ethnic group live in Kapchorwa District, Uganda.

The Sebei people lead fairly simple lives.

They are mainly cattle keepers and farmers.

The Sipi Widows’ Group will take you on a guided walk through the coffee plantation.

They will demonstrate how to plant, pick, grind, store and wash the coffee.

You will also learn about the life of the Sebei as you meet local residents, and participate in traditional weaving.

You will learn about African cuisine through the preparation, cooking, and tasting of local dishes.

You will visit the women’s handicraft shop in the trading center.

Proceeds from the tour and shop are invested in maintaining the coffee trees, raising awareness about the dangers of female circumcision, and paying school fees for orphans.


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