Tooro Cultural Experiences in Western Uganda

Tooro Cultural Experiences in Western Uganda

Tooro kingdom is one of the four traditional kingdoms in Uganda.

The Batoro have a rich culture of oral tradition, indigenous handicrafts and patriotism.

Tourists can visit the following places or attend some ceremonies to learn about the Toro Culture.

The Royal Palace of Toro is a great place for history and culture.

The Palace has a beautiful view of the low lying Fort Portal town and the Rwenzori Mountain ranges.

Empaako is a naming system in Toro Kingdom.

It can defuse tension or anger.

Using Empaako sends a strong message about social identity and unity, peace, and reconciliation.

It is a positive affirmation of social ties if you address someone by his or her empaako.

The ceremony is performed at the home.

The clan head presides over the ceremony.

The paternal aunts receive the baby and examine its features.

If the child has any any resemblance with the existing relatives then he is given the name.

The tourists can also visit Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru (Breasts of Nyina Mwiru) Caves and the three Crater Lakes during their visit to Fort Portal or Kibale National Park.



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