StarMount safaris believe in saving our clients time spent on going through vast amounts of information before making a decision. We assist travelers make informed and faster decision by offering expert knowledge of all our tours in the shortest time possible. We are well equipped to address all issues on the ground that may be of concern to our clients in real time.

We provide the best options and prices

It is not just about price. We provide the best overall value for money solutions that cater  of our travellers.

Product knowledge

We provide expert knowledge about our products and services. Our consultants and guides are well traveled and provide the best travel advisers in the shortest time possible.

Timely Communication

Efficient and timely communication between us and the client is very important. we respond to inquiries within the hour keeping in mind the time differences of our travellers.

Saving Money

StarMount Safaris offers travel solutions with cost saving strategies to ensure that our clients travel within budget and avoid costs that could be avoided